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    We are company totally Exporting
    Product available
    For more info and pricng contact whatsapp +21623512064
    -Extra virgin olive oil
    An extra virgin olive oil derived from organic farming and strictly cold extracted by mechanical means, without the use of chemical additives.
    -Best quality date (Deglet Nour)
    It is the queen of all dates. It is the most appreciated variety in the world for its high quality and its unique sickly sweet taste.
    Traditionally is named ” fruit of shining light ” for its translucent golden colour, smooth aspect and lovely shape. Deglet Nour is Horchani Dattes and vice versa.
    Our company is offer in a high quality Pasta and Couscous produced from 100% durum wheat semolina. Our product range include: Spaghetti, Macaroni, Fancy Pasta and Couscous as well as wheat flour, semolina and bread mixes. We also have a long experience on International markets where our products are enjoying a good reputation.
    Certifications : IS0 22000 ; IS0 9001 ; IS0 14001 ; Halal; Kosher; FDA Registration
    -Essential oil (rosemary, myrtle and niroli)
    We are one of Tunisien leading Essential Oils Suppliers, Wholesale Essential Oils Suppliers and Pure Essential Oil Exporter. Building on this experience, we have developed an innovative approach to source and supply one of the world’s largest range of Organic Plant ingredients.

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